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Medical waste

We have extensive experience in the removal and disposal of any waste produced by our healthcare professionals. Through our services providing waste management we have built up a roster of experienced disposal experts, who are capable of disposing of any medical or clinical waste in a safe and sustainable way.

Often we are asked to clear sites of built of waste, give us a call so we can help

Medical & clinical waste includes :




Soiled bed linen, nappies


Human Liquid contaminated waste


Lead Foil Pouches


Low-Level Radioactive Materials


Fixer and Developer, Amalgam 


Human organ disposal

Medical Waste Disposal

At Titan Sky, we are dedicated to the professional disposal of medical waste, ensuring rigorous adherence to environmental safety and public health regulations. Our team expertly manages a range of medical waste products, utilising state-of-the-art practices to guarantee that potentially hazardous materials such as needles, contaminated linens, and low-level radioactive substances are disposed of responsibly.

Types of Medical Waste Handled

  • Sharps: Including needles, blades, and other cutting instruments.
  • Contaminated Disposables: Such as gloves, bandages, and any non-reusable fabrics.
  • Pathological Waste: Tissues, organs, and other biological samples.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Expired, unused, or contaminated drugs and vaccines.
  • Chemotherapy Waste: Including all materials contaminated during chemotherapy treatment.
  • Low-Level Radioactive Waste: Waste containing radioactive substances that are not potent enough to be classified as high-level.

Why Choose Us?

Opt for Titan Sky for unparalleled expertise in medical waste disposal. We are committed to maintaining stringent environmental standards and public health safety, ensuring that all procedures are carried out professionally. Trust us to manage your medical waste needs, providing a clean, safe, and environmentally sound service.

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