Pharmaceutical & Laboratory Waste

Pharmaceutical & LAboratory Waste

More often than not there are vast collections of dangerous laboratory chemicals stored for an eternity on the off chance they’ll be needed. And then when used the containers are out of date or the chemical is simply obsolete in the modern world.

Fortunately, our services are perfectly placed to assist with this. We have skilled disposal experts from up and down the country ready to take care of whatever pharmaceutical or laboratory waste you have.

All it takes is a call and we will take care of it for you.

Pharmaceutical Waste includes:






Blister packs and composite manufacturing ingredients




Arsenic Trioxide

Laboratory Waste includes:


Lab Packs


Laboratory Waste Management


COD Tube Test Kits


Chemistry Lab Waste


Reuse/disposal of Unused Chemicals

At Titan Sky, we specialise in the disposal of pharmaceutical and laboratory waste, recognising the critical need for specialised handling to ensure environmental safety and compliance with strict regulations. Our service is meticulously designed to manage a wide range of waste products, from out-of-date medications to laboratory chemicals and biomedical waste, providing a secure and environmentally responsible solution.

Comprehensive Waste Management Solutions

Our services are tailored to accommodate the disposal needs of the pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors, including:

  • Expired or unused pharmaceuticals
  • Laboratory reagents and chemicals
  • Contaminated disposables and consumables

Ensuring Compliance and Environmental Stewardship

We pride ourselves on our rigorous adherence to UK and EU regulations, ensuring that all waste is disposed of in a manner that not only meets but exceeds regulatory standards. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to seek out the most environmentally friendly disposal methods available, reducing the impact on the environment and contributing to a safer, cleaner world.

Why Titan Sky?

Choosing Titan Sky means partnering with a provider that understands the unique challenges of pharmaceutical and laboratory waste disposal. Our bespoke services are designed to offer peace of mind through compliance, safety, and environmental responsibility, making us the trusted choice for businesses seeking reliable waste management solutions.

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